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We are revolutionising your building and energy management strategies.
Austec Innovation And Thought Leadership.

Innovation And Thought Leadership

We’re continually learning and testing new ideas. We invest heavily in R&D and the training of our people, so we always stay at the forefront of our field. We’re focused on merging advancing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into our building and energy management systems to create smart and robust solutions.

Austec Will Improve Your Energy Performance.

We Improve Your Energy Performance

Many buildings simply cost money through the consumption of unnecessary power. By implementing innovative controls, we make your building smarter and more energy-efficient.

Austec Big Data And Machine Learning.

Big Data And Machine Learning

We link our solutions with big data analytical platforms and machine learning to examine the patterns in your energy use data and autonomously optimise efficiencies – every minute of the day.
Austec Quality And Safety.

Quality And Safety

We’ve worked hard to implement complete ISO accredited management systems throughout our business for quality, OH&S and environment. Everything we do is guided by clearly defined processes that are designed to deliver high quality, safe and consistent solutions.
Austec Proven Track Record.

Proven Track Record

We’re immensely proud of our track record, and we’ve successfully implemented hundreds of building and energy management solutions across the Government and Commercial sectors.

Core Values

Austec Building Automation has been built on the principles of innovation and reliability, coupled with the development of strong personal relationships. We work closely with our clients to deliver innovative and robust building and energy management solutions.

Our core values define our work culture, from our relationships with customers and suppliers to our daily interactions with our team members across the business.


Customer Focus

We are proactive listeners and responsive to our customers’ needs. We work in partnership with our customers to build long term relationships that are good for both of us.


We embrace ideas that challenge conventional views. We continuously look for creative ways to solve problems and find solutions within our business and the businesses of our customers.



We are honest, ethical and fair in all of our activities. We do what we say we will and if we make a mistake we own up to it.


Our success relies on the strength of our people. We empower and challenge them and foster a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.

Continuous Improvement

No matter how well things are working, we know there are always ways that we can improve. We strive to be industry leaders in everything we do.

We’ve Been Saving Energy since 2001

Austec was founded in 2001 to promote an industry need for Open Protocol non-proprietary Building Automation Systems.
City of Ipswich
Queensland Government
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St Vincents Private Hospital
The Boat Care Company
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Zupp Property Group
City Of Gold Coast
The Australian Army
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